Xeriscape Services


A beautiful view a fresh irrigated corner of a garden landscape with lush green bushes and

Mixing Gravel & Mulch

In our Xeriscaping services, we like to include both moisture and gravel. This allows us to create a very satisfying image of a vivid garden. Don't get us wrong, We LOVE grass, so we add greens that are easy to the eyes that use less water.

Plants & Flowers

With continued national concern over water use, Xeriscape gardens are a sensible option for today and tomorrow.
These Water-efficient plants and flowers will shock you with the beautiful colours they bring to your Xeriscape lawn.

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Drip Irrigation System Close Up. Water saving drip irrigation system being used in a Blueb

Drip Irrigation

With water bills skyrocketing and the increasing concern for concerning potable water, homeowners, gardeners and landscaping services are seeking alternatives.

Xeriscape plants are water-conserving and thrive in harsh environments.

Good Landscaping techniques and good maintenance practices will keep the resource-wise garden thriving and beautiful for years to come


Four Seasons Of Beauty

Planting and growing water-wise plants with Xeriscaping might open your eyes. The old garden aesthetic--valuing green grass and tidy rows above all, might come to a thing of the past.

The new wave of gardening places importance on plants in all four seasons, as they first emerge from the soil, open their blossoms, set seeds, and finish their life cycle. It is the appreciation of a plant throughout the year that distinguishes Xeriscape gardening. We value a plant for its flowers and the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds they attract.

We appreciate a plant's foliage as it changes throughout the year. We admire its seed's heads and the life they bring to the garden, whether it is the promise of seedling in the spring or the activity of finches and jays that deed on them. Finally, we watch a plant as winter enfolds it. Junipers turn lavender and burgundy while grasses fade from green to gold to tan. Snow dusts pine needles and frost coats the stems of dormant shrubs and perennials