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Water Wise Xeriscape Landscaping for a Beautiful Future in Utah


White Sage
A gorgeous xeriscape with a variety of flowering plants and decorative rocks.
Utah Native Flowers
Group of orange hedgehog cactus flowers with one blossom in selective
Xeriscape Design

What is Xeriscaping

Revitalize your Utah landscape with Utah Wildflower's unique approach! With Xeriscaping, we're committed to enhancing your outdoor space sustainably. What sets us apart is our strategic plant grouping based on water needs, our dedication to reducing water-hungry lawns, and our introduction of native and adaptable species. Our distinctive vision for a water-efficient garden ensures both environmental conservation and a stunning landscape that stands out.

Why Should I Xeriscape?

Embracing the Era of Environmental Consciousness:

As we increasingly prioritize water and air quality, and mindful resource consumption, especially water, it's reshaping how we approach landscaping. To address these changes, we encourage being well-informed, attentive to nature, and working in harmony with it. Are you ready to embark on a sustainable landscaping journey that respects the environment? Explore our blog post for creative xeriscaping design ideas, reflecting our dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Make the change

Utah water wise Landscaping

Desert-looking Xeriscaping is a thing of the past. The environment has changed and forced us to change our methods of irrigation and planting. We understand changing the greenery in your landscape might be frustrating, but here at Utah Wildflower Co., we make the transition a delightful process by adding a combination of native plants with different color palettes that our state provides us.

Xeriscaping: Your Key to Water-Smart Landscapes in Utah


In Utah's arid climate, xeriscaping shines as the sustainable solution for water-conscious homeowners. It's about creating vibrant desert landscapes that thrive with minimal water, aligning with both your budget and the planet's health.


We understand your desire for a lush yard, but also your commitment to conserving water. The great news is you don't have to xeriscape your entire yard to make a difference. It's all about finding the perfect balance of an inviting landscape, a place for your kids to play, and your dogs to frolic.


However, there is more to the story. Utah's increasing droughts have residents rethinking water use. Xeriscaping is the answer – no need for extra thought or water supply management during droughts. It's like a well-practiced routine, effortlessly saving water. We focus on drought-tolerant vegetation, native plants, soil, rocks, and mulch so your yard thrives while water waste becomes a thing of the past.


Ready to explore unique xeriscape ideas and xeriscape plants for your Utah landscape? Let's make it a water-wise reality.

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